How to optimize your vacation in Salento

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Vacanza in Salento

Cartina provincia di Lecce

A vacation in Salento is a beautiful experience!!!

If you are or plan to come on vacation in Salento, will you definitely want to experience the essence of Salento hospitality. The entire house and its park of 14000 sqm are available to the guest 24 hours a day; you can stay in the living room, patio or park, read, play society games, watch television. The entire house is accessible to the guests day and night. The style is clean, sober and comfortable. Breakfasts are prepared by using typical products often coming from the garden (tarts, pastries, homemade cakes, “rustici e pasticciotti”), sweet and savory for all tastes and juices obtained with the fruits of their own production. Access to the villa is free 24 hours a day.

We are ready to help you for any need, compatible with the stay of other guests and with the rules that the law requires. When you arrive we will sit down with you and we will show you, with the help of maps, itineraries, naturalistic and tourist attractions, restaurants and trattorias, based on our direct experience.

Wherever you are go to dinner or have lunch, you can tell the owners we refer them to you, and you will probably receive a warm welcome and a good discount, and you will be sure to experience the best of our food at low prices. No aseptic suggestions, but only advice based on our direct experience.