The rooms of our villa are divided between ground floor and basement. Simply decorated rooms, with terracotta floors and wooden furniture, and comfortable beds. No glamor or luxury, but simplicity, cleanliness and tranquility are what the customer will find in our facility. Family facilities, not hotels, for hospitality and home hospitality but attentive to the guest. The rooms have mostly private bathroom outside the room, except two bedrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. Privacy and traqnuillity are always guaranteed, thanks to the wide spaces and the care in allocating the spaces. The upstairs accommodations have windows on the patio or on the garden, the ones on the basement have ceiling windows that can be opened with chains and they are protected by mosquito nets. The ground floor rooms are brighter and airy, the ones in the tavern are cooler and, although equipped with air conditioning, can be lived without the use of air conditioning even in warmer periods.

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