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Our idea of hospitality: the TV roomOur idea of hospitality is ”Xenia”. This greek word summerizes our idea of hospitality and of the relationship that, in full respect the tradition of ancient Greece and of Salento, where hospitality is very important, we wish to build up with our guests.

Hospitality is reciprocity: it is respect of the owner towards the guest, but also respect of the guest towards the owner. This is represented by a ”welcome gift” that we give to the guest when he arrives, and also by a ”goodbye gift” that we give him or her when he/she leaves.

As hosts, ”we give the guests food and drinks, we give them a place where they can change their clothes, but we give them especially a place where they can feel comfortable, like at home”.

For us, to host a visitor is make him or her ”temporary members” of our ”community”, even for a limited time only, and be at their disposal for the duration of their stay.

We don’t care about sexual, racial, cultural, financial differences. We don’t believe in differences. Actually we believe that differences strengthen people, and we are eager to learning from different attitides. Not acceptation, therefore, but integration.

We want to make everyone visiting us feel comfortable, to relax and enjoy nature, quite life, the beauties of Salento and, if they are willing to, to share our company, in full respect of everybody’s right for privacy.

Our property is not fully equipped to host disabled people, unfortunately, but we would be very happy to host them, and we will be at their complete service to try to eliminate all the existing barriers, as much as we can.