Host with pride: Love is welcome here

Host with pride!

Love is welcome here

host with pride love-is-loveThe Mulberry, always LGBT friendly structure, it adheres to the campaign of AIRBNB Host with pride, on the protection of the rights of LGBT couples also on tourism and hospitality ‘. AIRBNB He made a beautiful short film that illustrates the problems and the main needs that LGBT couples also have something as simple as a trip, a honeymoon, a trip with adopted children.

The Mulberry believes that the achievement of a world without differences is the most ‘important to which we should strive, and declares his support for this initiative, putting as always available to LGBT couples with and without children in the programming of their stay. The host of the Mulberry know ‘always find a room suited for your needs, and you will find’ never facing discrimination based on nationality ‘differences, culture, religion, sexual orientation.

It is not, like ours, a strategic choice to attract more customers to us, but a choice of consistency and conscience, that always we adopt, and that is not functional to a mere gain. Ours is a choice that aims at erasing the differences, rather than the acceptance of different from their own.

The harmony that you live at Mulberry is the result of this openness and a great lightness and serenity that comes from the opening of his world to the other.

Al Gelso we believe in love. #Loveislove, And we #Hostwithpride.